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🕑 #20.07.2017#

The Cloaker is an industry leading professional green screen used to remove backgrounds from the subject of a photo/video. The item is widely used by professionals in the newscasting, motion picture and videogame industries.

Use for gamers: Most professional streamers use green screens to hide the background of their webcam picture, displaying only the streamer himself. Streamers don't lose screen space on webcam image, but are still able to display themselves, making the stream more professional and better for the viewers. This is how SivHD does it:


  • Perfect solution to all streamers, photographers, programmers or content creators
  • Highest industry quality material and extreme durability
  • All edges are carefully finished and sealed to prevent tears in the material
  • 4-Layered rigidness to prevent any damage or wear
  • Rod pocket along top edge to allow fast and easy setup
  • Most stores use cheap fabric - we don't. One of a kind finish, not available elsewhere.

The Cloaker is also extremely useful in creating content for YouTube, making portrait and creative images and large object photography. The creativity is limitlessly yours!

Package Includes: 1 x The Cloaker (stand is not included) 

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